An Ode to Chlorella

Many people in the wellness community are quick to sing the praises of the superfood, spirulina, and rightfully so. This blue-green algue gets a lot of attention for its nutrient and antioxidant properties. But there is another, superior aquatic green that often flies under the radar—chlorella. Both these marine compounds are super nutrient dense andContinue reading “An Ode to Chlorella”

The Dietary Toxin-Inflammation Hierarchy

With all the hype these days surrounding the ketogenic, paleo, and gluten-free diets, or eating organic, raw or plant-based, I wanted to take the time to offer what I know, and think is the best plan of attack for eating in ways that optimize health by keeping your physiological function in homeostasis, thus improving metabolism/digestion,Continue reading “The Dietary Toxin-Inflammation Hierarchy”

The Analog–Digital Happy Medium

I have long been a proponent for physical manifestations (of whatever) over their digital counterparts. In my opinion, there is considerable rationale for this outlook. Besides the security that comes from being able to hold something you possess in your hand, I find that I experience much less frustration and much more well-being when livingContinue reading “The Analog–Digital Happy Medium”

The Two Minute Rule: An Easy Principle with Powerful Benefits

One mechanism I’ve found helpful for decluttering the mind is the “two-minute rule” concept, suggested by David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done. While this technique is often touted for its productivity benefits, it offers several other significant advantages as well.

How to Not Get Mugged in A Foreign Country: A Quick Guide to Kinesics and Common Sense

As I’ve alluded to in other posts, body language and conduct speak volumes. As the main components of your outward appearance along with style of dress, these are the first few things passersby notice about you. And in a foreign country where a different language is spoken, the aura you emit is one of theContinue reading “How to Not Get Mugged in A Foreign Country: A Quick Guide to Kinesics and Common Sense”

Cognitive Bias and Recouping Losses in Investing: Cutting Your Loses and Letting Your Winners Run

One investing lesson I was fortunate enough to learn early on was how to swallow your pride, and take a loss from your investments. Though it can be a tough pill to swallow in the short-term, the benefits (capital appreciation) in the long run generally will greatly outweigh any short-term losses suffered—if you can takeContinue reading “Cognitive Bias and Recouping Losses in Investing: Cutting Your Loses and Letting Your Winners Run”

Sterile Society Conundrum: The 30 Day Candidiasis Detox Experiment

I thought it was finally time. After years of dragging my feet, I feel like I finally had the motivation and rationale to detoxify myself. My recent research has suggested that many of the physical and mental unpleasant conditions I had been experiencing for a while but had been more severe as of late –Continue reading “Sterile Society Conundrum: The 30 Day Candidiasis Detox Experiment”

Bodily Autonomy: A Case Study in Civil Liberties

In a socialized healthcare system, the public pays for the costs incurred by individuals who used its services. This includes paying for the health services of citizens’ who have chosen to harm their bodies willingly (when it could have been prevented), in addition to individuals who become ill or require surgery through no fault ofContinue reading “Bodily Autonomy: A Case Study in Civil Liberties”

The Impact of Minding the 24-Hour TCM Body Clock on Health

Lately, one of the biggest reasons I’ve been dealing with chronic hyper-sympathetic syndrome – in which the mind cannot stop racing and calm down – despite habitually using meditation and breathing practices, is not paying mind to the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) 24hr organ health clock. This is a 24-hour biological “body clock,” in whichContinue reading “The Impact of Minding the 24-Hour TCM Body Clock on Health”