Human Creativity Will Prosper in the AGI Era

As the competition for AI application dominance heats up among tech companies, there is much speculation around the implications of machine-learning on the future of humanity—particularly artistic expression like literature and music. While automation may very well kill off the editing job that I currently hold (addendum: formerly held), I have faith that my otherContinue reading “Human Creativity Will Prosper in the AGI Era”

Conscious (Intuitive) Consumption

Recently, the concept of ‘intuitive eating’ came onto my radar. While this term was new to me, the philosophy behind it is very similar to my concept and inspiration for this blog, ‘Conscious Consumption.’ Not to be confused with the book by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole (though it shares several principles), ‘intuitive eating’ isContinue reading “Conscious (Intuitive) Consumption”