It’s now well-documented that diet, exercise and sleep all are important factors in determining overall health. What’s less well known is the role that anxiety, worry and negative or overthinking play in wellness. Indeed, factors like relationships, financial security, physical environment and spirituality or sexuality are all correlated with not just mental health, but physical health as well.

The rise to prominence of smart devices and the interconnected, digital age have created a society in which groupthink is celebrated, and individuality shunned. The prevailing mentality is us vs. them, and suggests everything is in black or white. However, the inability in mass to practice what you preach outside of social media suggests otherwise.

People fail to stay true to themselves for fear of deviating from societal norms and not being accepted on social media. Taking cues from what is currently en vogue, we instead “flex” in front of our peers (online and IRL) in order to gain acceptance. This practice only creates alienation through a disconnect between our outward behavior and our internal self-image.

In a world that is becoming more and more manufactured and censored, people are craving something authentic. As corporate interest and government propaganda shape society’s worldview, the primary concern of Conscious Consumption is individual prosperity and fulfillment. Its mission is to empower the individual, and aid them in reaching their true potential by guiding them to the path that is their soul’s plan. 

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