Mindful Intent, Vitality and Improvement

It doesn’t matter how many hours you lay in bed—what matters is how many hours of this laying part you are regenerating. The more vital you feel, the better you ability to actively create something, create a life you enjoy living. But you can’t do that without the proper methods and character traits. Shi HengContinue reading “Mindful Intent, Vitality and Improvement”

Eating as a Tool for Self-Cultivation

“Lately, I’ve been rethinking my relationship with food.” A Friend Over the last several years, I’d devoted a good deal of consideration to food. As I lost balance in my life, more and more of the thoughts and impulses occupying my mind space would revolve around eating. I’m extremely fortunate that these concerns are entirelyContinue reading “Eating as a Tool for Self-Cultivation”

Alcohol, Other Attachments, and Acceptance

“As soon as I had the realization that sitting down and cracking an ice cold beer when I got home was all I was looking forward to after work each day, I knew I had to make a change.” Alan Heffelfeffer, Owner of Oak Park Records This statement, made by fellow music nerd and confidant,Continue reading “Alcohol, Other Attachments, and Acceptance”

The Dangers of Thriftiness and the Slippery Slope of Attachment

For a long time, I had prided myself on my thriftiness. If you’re familiar with the blog, you probably have come across a post or passage somewhere that is specifically about or at least mentions frugality, finding value or supporting independent business. Up until recently, I thought my tendency towards penny-pinching was to the benefitContinue reading “The Dangers of Thriftiness and the Slippery Slope of Attachment”