The Keys to Life for Improved Mood, Creativity and Cognition

I discussed in a recent post how social interaction or close companionship and engaging in a pastime that brings you joy and allows an outlet for frustration can greatly improve mental wellbeing and immune function when stress, anxiety, depression or social phobia set in. While who and what you interact with – and to what degreeContinue reading “The Keys to Life for Improved Mood, Creativity and Cognition”

Alcohol, Other Attachments, and Acceptance

“As soon as I had the realization that sitting down and cracking an ice cold beer when I got home was all I was looking forward to after work each day, I knew I had to make a change.” Alan Heffelfeffer, Owner of Oak Park Records This statement, made by fellow music nerd and confidant,Continue reading “Alcohol, Other Attachments, and Acceptance”

Stillness: The Key to Success

For the sake of examining both sides of the coin, this post is meant to be complimentary to one I published previously, advocating for action-taking. Here I am championing non-action and introspection. Both have their place in the life of a balanced, centered individual. The key is to be a go-getter, but also pick andContinue reading “Stillness: The Key to Success”

Looking Inward (To Serotonin) and Beating Dopamine Addiction

There is a common misconception among the general public that dopamine is the pleasure and reward hormone. And while it is true that it plays an essential role in the reward system (instant gratification), a group of brain processes that control motivation, desire and cravings, it is actually more complicated than that. To be precise,Continue reading “Looking Inward (To Serotonin) and Beating Dopamine Addiction”

The Power of Routine

New Year’s resolutions are somewhat of a joke. It’s estimated that over three quarters of participants fail and lose their resolve by February, which is part of the reason why I never make them. I’m a firm believer that it takes conviction to make or break a good habit, not imaginary numbers or pages on a calendar.Continue reading “The Power of Routine”