Beating Stress, Anxiety and Depression by Inhibiting Substance P

Social isolation that goes too long is associated with this molecule of Tachykinin in everything from flies to humans. It makes us more irritable, fearful, paranoid, and impairs our immune system. Tachykinin is like this internal punishment signal. It’s like our body and our brain telling us, “You’re not spending enough time with people that you really trust.Continue reading “Beating Stress, Anxiety and Depression by Inhibiting Substance P”

An Ode to Chlorella

Many people in the wellness community are quick to sing the praises of the superfood, spirulina, and rightfully so. This blue-green algue gets a lot of attention for its nutrient and antioxidant properties. But there is another, superior aquatic green that often flies under the radar—chlorella. Both these marine compounds are super nutrient dense andContinue reading “An Ode to Chlorella”