Five Easy Ways to Save Money While Traveling

There is no shortage of advice online when it comes to tips for saving money while traveling. However, there are several easy, often overlooked measures one can take to maximize a travel budget, without hardly compromising your itinerary or experience. 1.) Contrarian ticket buyingBeyond determining your destination, if you can be non-committal in scheduling theContinue reading “Five Easy Ways to Save Money While Traveling”

Why I Opted to Leave the USA for Latin America, Abroad

I was comfortable in my situation. I loved the neighborhood where I lived, and the friends I had made since moving to the city. My job paid well enough to where I didn’t stress over money much, and I enjoyed the work and my co-workers company enough that the weeks seemed to fly by, especiallyContinue reading “Why I Opted to Leave the USA for Latin America, Abroad”

Nutritional Considerations for a Plant-Based, Supplemental Diet

As the popularity of alternative methods for fueling the body increases globally, both the plant-based meat substitute and nutritional supplement industries are projected to grow significantly as well. And while both a plant-based diet and nutritional supplements are perceived as — and in theory, are — beneficial to health, there are a number of considerations one needsContinue reading “Nutritional Considerations for a Plant-Based, Supplemental Diet”

The Physiology of Relaxation and Breathing

If you’re reading this blog, chances are good you’ve heard of the multitude of health benefits that can be gained through practicing yoga. Increased mindfulness, mental clarity, more energy, increased circulation and cardio health, and better flexibility, athletic performance and muscle strength and tone have all been touted as benefits of yoga in recent years.Continue reading “The Physiology of Relaxation and Breathing”

Reflections on Tulum – Letting Your Soul Shine

Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico is a wild place. Its inhabitants each have their own unique reasons for living there or visiting, but I find – in my seven total weeks spent there – they fall into three distinct categories. First, you have the locals, the working class. Families and individuals who are native to Tulum,Continue reading “Reflections on Tulum – Letting Your Soul Shine”