Emphasizing the Extremities in Practice, Breathing

Most times, the Dantian, (the body’s energy/gravity center) is the predominent area of breathing emphasis in most Tai Chi and Qigong exercises, including silk-reeling, the principle movement in Chen-style Tai Chi, among many others. Though heavily-centered on the Dantian (forgive the pun), my staple practices (Hun Yuan and Wudang Qigong and Tai Chi) all containContinue reading “Emphasizing the Extremities in Practice, Breathing”

Eating as a Tool for Self-Cultivation

“Lately, I’ve been rethinking my relationship with food.” A Friend Over the last several years, I’d devoted a good deal of consideration to food. As I lost balance in my life, more and more of the thoughts and impulses occupying my mind space would revolve around eating. I’m extremely fortunate that these concerns are entirelyContinue reading “Eating as a Tool for Self-Cultivation”

Alcohol, Other Attachments, and Acceptance

“As soon as I had the realization that sitting down and cracking an ice cold beer when I got home was all I was looking forward to after work each day, I knew I had to make a change.” Alan Heffelfeffer, Owner of Oak Park Records This statement, made by fellow music nerd and confidant,Continue reading “Alcohol, Other Attachments, and Acceptance”

Conscious (Intuitive) Consumption

Recently, the concept of ‘intuitive eating’ came onto my radar. While this term was new to me, the philosophy behind it is very similar to my concept and inspiration for this blog, ‘Conscious Consumption.’ Not to be confused with the book by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole (though it shares several principles), ‘intuitive eating’ isContinue reading “Conscious (Intuitive) Consumption”

Stillness: The Key to Success

For the sake of examining both sides of the coin, this post is meant to be complimentary to one I published previously, advocating for action-taking. Here I am championing non-action and introspection. Both have their place in the life of a balanced, centered individual. The key is to be a go-getter, but also pick andContinue reading “Stillness: The Key to Success”

Inaction: The Crux of Insecurity and Wellbeing (A Plea To Do)

I’ve talked in the past about the two-minute rule, and it’s benefits on motivation and freeing up your mental hard drive. But I want to go into more detail on action taking, and the advantages I’ve found that being proactive can have on our confidence, self-concept/esteem and wellbeing—specifically proneness to depression. Proactivity and achievement canContinue reading “Inaction: The Crux of Insecurity and Wellbeing (A Plea To Do)”

The Two Minute Rule: An Easy Principle with Powerful Benefits

One mechanism I’ve found helpful for decluttering the mind is the “two-minute rule” concept, suggested by David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done. While this technique is often touted for its productivity benefits, it offers several other significant advantages as well.

The Impact of Minding the 24-Hour TCM Body Clock on Health

Lately, one of the biggest reasons I’ve been dealing with chronic hyper-sympathetic syndrome – in which the mind cannot stop racing and calm down – despite habitually using meditation and breathing practices, is not paying mind to the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) 24hr organ health clock. This is a 24-hour biological “body clock,” in whichContinue reading “The Impact of Minding the 24-Hour TCM Body Clock on Health”

Looking Inward (To Serotonin) and Beating Dopamine Addiction

There is a common misconception among the general public that dopamine is the pleasure and reward hormone. And while it is true that it plays an essential role in the reward system (instant gratification), a group of brain processes that control motivation, desire and cravings, it is actually more complicated than that. To be precise,Continue reading “Looking Inward (To Serotonin) and Beating Dopamine Addiction”